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Aug. 28th, 2010


(no subject)

 Man I'm so oblivious to school. It's completely true that the last year is the bore-you-to-death year. I'm just showing up for the motions and just being all sup holmes. No fear, no worries, at least schoolr elated, just looking through jobs before taking the in NJ (or PA/NY, depending on jobs), and yeeeah. 

So, that's life, at least on the daily aspect of it.

Of geeky stuff, it's been a slow front anime and game wise. Looking forward to Fable 3 and picked up DJ Hero again. Kirby and DKC later on, hopefully.

Uh, then work, read, good off, STILL working on the food blog, sleep, continue exploring the facets of EDM, blah blah blah.

C'est la vie. But more mundane then C'est for the time-being. NOT THAT I MIND, LS can shove it, I just wanna take the bar and get over it.

AWA in a few weeks. Atlanta burgers. Catlanta. BLAH BLAH BLAH
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Aug. 10th, 2010


One week until the end

 Of school. 19 freaking years of school-straight, no breaks. So i'm actually looking forward to it.

Eyes on the prize  is my philosophy for this year around- I know the tricks of law school at this point and I can handle it a lot easier than two years ago, but now the big worries are 1) the Bar 2) ACTUAL JOB. I'm highly contemplating opening up my own firm (Tiffany, wanna design my site?), but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

DJ Cowboy is REALLY good.


And outside of that, the usual shenanigans, trips up north, cons in between, Legos (fuck 'maturity' I'm old enough to know what I enjoy), reading about entropy and the eventual destruction of the universe, and FINALLY starting up my blog by next week as I finally should have enough resources to write enough.

So life continues beating like the patter of raindrops upon the solitude of a Mountain Dew, left behind, on a stormy picnic day.

And then I drink it.

Aug. 7th, 2010


Otakon 2011 + Stuff

 I'll make this short, as Ota was pretty con-uneventful this year, as in the actual con-related events (including cosplay). Prior to Otakon I was saying at Marion's, with a visit to the the Tiffster, then post Ota, did the same, but passed by Margiekin's and such. So Otakon was sorta second-place on my list. It's okay, I was getting kinda inundated with the whole process, as I've said before (shoot-change costume-shoot-repeat-lunch-shoot-repeat-rave-next day-drive home 9 hours, etc.). It's fun but it's tiring, and AZ didn't make it any better, so the change of pace was unexpected but welcomed regardless.

Most of the highlights weren't con related but of the con-related highlights (I spent more time outside of the con chilling with buddies or exploring the non-ghetto) included successful Nyan Koi, with Marion getting more reocgnition with me BECAUSE SHE'S A GIRL, and me 'hitting on' that girl with a plushie on her head because I had a plushie on my head. AW YEA PLUSHIE ROMANCE. lolol

The Fairy Tail shoot also remined me of the good 'ole days of Bleach or Soul Eater cosplay, before the fandom became overwhelming.  Same with Durarara, but I have a feeling that one is more susceptible to the fandom fall because of its mass popularity and such. The dealer's room and artist alley were the same, and I passed by the masq again for the second time ever to see if the X-Japan boys had played yet, but alas, no.

Gameroom had pumped, so I showed off a wee-tad, but it had Break kids so it wasn't much showing off. Saw some REALLY spectaulor cosplays this year, including the Harley and Ivy designs. 

Best part of it all was most likely the 1 minute line, NO JOKE. AND EDEN OF THE EAST BADGES AW YA.

Besides that, most of the fun was in the hotel room, from the strippers to the pot (NOT JOKING, AND YES I'M STILL STRAIGHTEDGE AND DID NOT ERODE MY MORAL SET, RESPECT FOR WOMEN AND STUFF) as well as Riching Rich up and such, and  running into people I have seen in a while DANLOL. And that deepfried burger AW YA. 

It was a lot more slow-paced this year, maybe because last year was so hectic that it just felt slower. It was definately enjoyable- second best Ota, but the trip-up overshadowed so much and part of me just wanted to relax that it really just evened out (though the urge to change costumes every two hours was SO consuming). I was planning on doing seperate trips just to enjoy both of them and give them their due, but the thought of adding an additional 500 miles to my car that it doesn't need was a turn-off, and it really did work out for the best, since I could give a ride to Marion and Karen. Still fun though, no regrets (outside of not wearing Yakitate again and not running into almost everyone like other years). 

So yeah, I hve my room reserved for next year, and I'll be DEAD next year. That, or so full of energy that come Sunday of the con, people will have to literally carry me out of the con center.

I DEFINATELY want to do Nue's FBR next year, after talking about it with Christine. Also, now that two of the bigger summer events are over,I wanna start using LJ more, same with twitter. Summer's been so lazy, and I'm finally getting a sense of inertia from school's looking end, so I might get on the blogging road again, coupled with my foodblogging (finally). Get back on the productivity train, CHOOCHOO.

It's a wonder how much I can type when work is slow ;x.
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It'll come when it'll come


About my Ota report.

Instead, a small glimpse at my con schedule from here to a year from now.


Final one, wearing Natsu, Zaji, Colonello, Yoh, Hitsu, and John, and going form Thursday to Saturday night, then driving back here.


AKA, Wake up at 10AM, make myself some poptarts, sip some Mountain Dew, take a shower, and head to the con still beating everyone to it-con. I'll probably do Yoh for sure, plus whatever I'm feeling at the time.


I have a few shenanigans planned for this, but it'll involve lots of planning ;x. Otherwise, I'll probably retire Natsu, have some version of Yoh as well as Paradise Lost Akira.

At this point I'll probably have retired all my hot-at-the-moment-costumes, I.E. Natsu, Tsuna, Soul, etc.. It leaves Animazement, Otakon, and AnimeExpo (which I may go to) up in there.

Here's the fun part- my bar exam is literally the Tues and Wed right BEFORE Otakon. That means I can go to Ota, sure, but I will not have a brain, so it should be an interesting experience. I might go to Expo simply to get an In-and-Out burger, and just to visit Cali once, even if I'm not into the West scene.  

If I end up being able to get back into NJ or NY, I'll go to AN again (TRIUMPHANT RETURN) and then just spend an extra week on Bar Review, but that's far away.

I was planning on retiring from cons post-Katsu, but I think given the amount of time between Winter-con season, as well as summer-con season into Katsu from 2011-2012, it should help rejuvenate some of the novelty of the con-scene, and hitting up something like Ota or Katsu and maybe one other con should help me maintain some semblence of mental calm whilest I job.

...I wantz job :<.

Aug. 2nd, 2010


(no subject)

 I'm alive, just at Marion's. Otakon was Otakon, just a little less Otakon this year, which is both bad and good. SOOOO

Jul. 28th, 2010





Fuck a schedule, I don't even know. Just find me, I'll be the only Mexicat there.

Jul. 17th, 2010


Otakon is lastminute!change con

Early Day: Akira (Air King)

11AM: Natsu (FT)
2PM: Ed (FMA)
5PM: John or Secret!Cos
7PM: Celty (DRR)
10PM: Zaji

11AM: Azuma? (YJ)
2PM: I have no clue, John or secret cos
4PM: Secret Cos? or  Akira
7PM: Natsu (FT)
9PM: Secret!Cos? or something else

All Day: Akira (KoE)

By no means is this list final D:.

Jul. 7th, 2010


Otakon List Revamp #29042904190


Early Afternoon- Akira/ Air King LOL shirt
Post-line/8PM-ish - Fairy Tail school omake
Night -??? (King of Eden if bored)

11AM: Natsu
2PM- FMA/Bleach, probably Ed
5PM- ???
7PM - Durarara - Ceeeelty for one last goaround
10PM- Zaji

11AM: ??
2PM: Hitsu
4PM: ??
7pm- Natsu
9pm: ??

Akira (Paradise Lost or King of Eden)

That leaves Train (SAAAARAH WE MEOWIN OR WHAT), John, and possibly Yoh to be fit in there (if I can figure out his oversoul). SO, anyone got any requests? What's everyone else wearing? WE SHOULD MATCH LOL.

Jun. 29th, 2010


(no subject)

 So I caught a shoplifter today. That is all for this weekly update of Rob's LJ.

Oh, possibly picking up Yoh for Ota and dropping Katanagatari CAUSE DOES ANYONE KNOW IF SAM IS ALIVE OR WHAT?

Jun. 28th, 2010


(no subject)



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