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 In class typing up my AWA report. Fun con, probably most fun AWA I've been to, despite having to leave early. Thursday was SLOOOW and the burger place I was going to scope out was CLOSED, which I quickly ratified the next day. I got to try out Flip, a Top Chef finalist-owned restaurant, twice, and then later on Thursday night I met some cool new peeps and made a fort. Yup, a fort.

The weekend was basically me running around in Zaji or Natsu, hanging out with the likes of my buddies, whom I really really wanted to see, of Addie, Tessie, and Casey (who did soccer!Bleach with, AW YA BALL), but also seeing everyone else and getting to hang out with Kristen and the mister. 

As far as AWA con-related activities, even shoots, stuff was slooooow, and I didn't got ot he one shoot I had planned (Bleach), and took literally ONE picture, but I remet up with a lot of people and ran into others I see occasionally. Generally, the highlights all involved hanging out, getting a bunch of pics in Natsu along with Addie's awesome Loki and Tessie's great Lucy (LOL LL I JUST NOTICED), and then later on doing Zajiness and GETTING RECOGNIZED?! What's up with THAT? 

Generally, I came in with the idea that I was going into th econ to meet up with the aforementioned people as well as get those burgers ;x. 

Ah but it was relaxing and I got to see everyone, and then some, and it was a nice going-AWAy (pun-intended) start for my Carolina cons, which is what I wanted (in conjunction with seeing people I might not see for another year or so In case I move away, whereas, even though I cherish all my buddies generally the same, AND YES I STILL PLAY FAVORITES, I'll get to see the majority of other peeps soon, whereas some of my regional friends I might now :<) . I'll keep it truncated because I'm in class, because the con was a little quicker/slower at the same time because of the limited time I was there, plus most of it being hanging-out/not generally con-related activities, and because one thing sums it perfectly- ASS BATTLE.

I defended my ass-title again, and am currently at 1-2-1 with Josh. KATSU DECIDES THE ASS CHAMPION FOR THE NEXT YEAR. 

Also, got inspired for Katsu, cos-wise, but another post for another day ;x.