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Fuck exams

There, I said it.

Talked it out with the wife, I'll make it short and sweet cause I still have my hardest two exams left. SO.



 -Beck, EVEN THOUGH FOR SOME REASON SOME OTHER GROUP IS DOING IT AT KATSU. What is up with that? It's been gone for a good three years and suddenly, TWO GROUPS? That's bullshit, i smell shenanigans. I still wanna do it cause screw it I'm going to be a better Koyuki.

-Natsu (Fairy Tail), probably in some adorable Lisanna pairing

-Isaac (Golden Sun), cause it's ballin'

-Yoh (Shaman King), SPEAKING OF BALLIN'

-Kaede (Nyan Koi) cause well, cats, pinned to my body. That's just kinda  a given.

And that's about it, thought I'm still considering one more, maybe Zaji or something new. Weeee''ll see.

In life news. School sucks. That's about it. One more semester. I haven't been able to do much video game wise because of it, but cest la vie, next semester should be better. Um, most likely moving back to NJ next year but I think most people know that here. Uuuuh, ionno, I haven't used LJ to write anything intimate in a long time. So buttons.



wow. that was pretty awesome. they just keep getting better and better!


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