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AWA post #3920

Oh wow, AWA's in two weeks eh? I've been distracted by life/getting out of school/...getting into school, but as I said last time, my schedule will probably be:

Thurs: Akira, depending what time I get there
Friday-until afternoon Saturday- Hitsu, John, Natsu, Wallace, Zaji, Colonello.

Honestly, whenever someone wants me to wear something, I will. I know I'm doing Hitsu for Kasey/Kristina, and force Kristina to bring Ryohei so I can do Colonello and retire him. Then Natsu I'll wear whenever (it'll be the Cait Shelter version for the sake of eat), and Em wants to do SP with me, and I love being gay, so Wallace in tehre. John and Zaji are there fore boredom. So, yeah, totally open for the most part.

You guys can bring me food, toooooo<3 COUGHTESSIEANDADDIECOUGH


Maybe I'll bring you a cupcake in exchange for a slice of pizza.

WEAR NATSU SOMETIME FRIDAY, OKAY? Or, do you do photoshoots? There's a Fairy Tail one at 6PM on Saturday.
Ooooh I can do that!

I'll take a cupcake, oyesiwill :x.
You and Addie fighting over me, y/y?